Never Worry About Car Scratches Again - Easily Remove Car Scratches & Protect It With Our Anti Scratch Ceramic Coating

If you’ve ever driven a car in this country before you know it’s not a really a question because…

Somehow, somehow that vehicle will get scratched!

It might be when you are driving and make a mistake or it might not even be your fault at all…

The truth is even if you always drive as carefully as possible, you can’t always account for other drivers on the road, kids, improper care, and so much more.

Even with all these, the way your car looks is 100% up to you, it’s your choice, you can either take good care of it and keep it polished and new or it old with scratches.

A choice you need to make today, right now! To either keep your car looking polished and new…


looking rough and filled with scratches.

Mr. Fix Ceramic Coating works well to remove surface to minor scratches on cars.

It also adds an extra layer of protection preventing future scratches and giving it a glossy and shinny finish making the paint looking new and polished!

Mr. Fix Anti Scratch Ceramic Coating

Buy Now and Get...

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    30% OFF Your Order + Free Shipping Wherever You Are.

This kit could save you headaches and many trips to the mechanic and repair workshop.


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    REMOVES SCRATCHES – The anti scratch coating clears surface scratches and medium scratches. It only takes only a few applications for scratches on the roof, door, hood, trunk to clear up and for the paint to look polished.
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    SUPER HYDROPHOBIC COATING – It protect your car from scratches (hard objects), aging, weathering and erosion, sunshine, sour powder, fire etc.
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    GLOSSY, SHINNY FINISH – The car coating also gives the car a glossy, shinny finishing making it appear restoring the beauty of the paint while making it look newer and polished.
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    SAVES TIME AND COST – No need to spend huge amounts and waste time waiting in repair shops. The kit helps you avoid the stress of mechanics and save money and time going to the repair scratch and get the car waxed.
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    VERY EASY TO USE – The kit comes with with step by steps application instruction that shows you how to use it, an enter car can be coated in under an hour and it will protect the car for many years.
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    SAFE ON ALL PAINT COLORS – The ceramic coating is safe to use on all paints and colors. You can safely use it on any clear coat, single stage, or multi stage paint without worry of the damaging the original paint!


Mr. Fix Anti Ceramic Coating lets you easily clear surface and medium scratches from cars.

The secret lies with the clear coating residue that fills the scratch and hardens overtime. It goes on clear, dries clear and works on all colors.

It is perfect for anyone that wants to remove surface to medium scratches, swirl marks or blemishes off of their car without it costing them a fortune at a repair shop!

It also helps to polish the cars paint job giving it a glossy and shinny appearance which makes it look newer and shinny.

Mr. Fix Anti Scratch Ceramic Coating

Buy Now and Get...

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    30% OFF Your Order + Free Shipping Wherever You Are.

This guide will give you tips for how to effectively care for your original car paint job and interior to revive it if it look old and keep it looking new, polished and shinny for many years to come.

These simple tips can make a big difference in the way your car looks years from now and can help increase the value of your car if you ever plan to resell

Get It Now! The sooner you start, the sooner your car looks newer and polished!

Original Price: ₦15,000

Discount Price: 1 Mr. Fix Anti Scratch Coating Pack₦11,000


Worked better than I expected…

This is a very unique product. After I saw how this product worked for one of my employees, I decided i definitely need it, and also every car owner out there. I highly recommend it.

– Michael

It was definitely worth it

Used this product on my 2 cars, and the result can speak for itself.

People are already asking me if I had my car resprayed. Thanks guys for introducing this product definitely buying more.

– Joseph

Very happy and satisfied

I had multiple scratches from bad drivers and my kids playing around my car. I used this kit and now I can barely see the marks.

I am very happy and satisfied. 

– George

Why Waste Money & Time In The Repair Shop When You Can Easily Fix Them Yourself?

With this kit your car can begin to look as good as some of these…


Will this product damage my original paint?
No, it will not. Mr. Fix Ceramic Coating works by filling the damage with a clear coating which hardens over time causing no damage to the original paint. 

Will this work on older cars?
Yes, it works with older car with thicker and heavier body panels, but please note that the old paint may be removed by any pressure.

How do I use the items in the kit?
The product is very easy to use. There are detailed instructions that come with the product that show you how to use. We would also forward you an instruction video to teach you how to apply it correctly.

Does it also work to remove scratches from the bumper?
Yes, it does.

I have a key scratched all around my new car will this cover it?
Yes, it will so far it is not too deep.

Is one pack of the Mr. Fix Ceramic Coating big enough for multiple cars?
Yes, it is. One bottle is 30ml and if applied well is enough for multiples cars, from our tests one bottle car be used for about 3 cars.

DISCLAIMER: You recognize and agree that we make no implications, representations or guarantees whatsoever, result are based on the present condition of the vehicle or machine in question as damages vary. We have done our due research on our products and we know they work but we make absolutely NO guarantee of results and we take no responsibility for any resources spent in relation to this products or otherwise because we do not know the present condition of your car, if we do we offer a stronger guarantee. We are not responsible for your vehicles condition or your expected results.

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